Root canal treatment or therapy refers to the endodontic procedure involving the removal of infected or inflamed pulp from the tooth. This is followed by cleaning and disinfection of the tooth, which is then filled and sealed carefully, to avoid future incidence of infection.

When do you need root canal treatment?

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is required when the infection or decay has spread or progressed to the inner layers of the tooth, that is, the pulp.

This condition may be painful or non – painful, that is, asymptomatic.

How do you know you require root canal treatment?

Your tooth may show the following symptoms:

● Pain, especially upon chewing food or tapping

● Sensitivity to hot / cold or sweet food

● Greyish or bluish discoloration of the tooth, indicative of a dead pulp

● Pain or tenderness near the tooth area

● Swelling in the surrounding area

● Grossly decayed or carious tooth

● Broken or traumatic tooth, in which the trauma has reached the pulp

Is it painful to get a root canal treatment done?

Modern dental procedures are carefully performed under local anaesthesia, which causes numbness of sensations in the tooth, so pain is not felt by the patient. Normal recovery of the tooth and the area follows after the effects of local anaesthesia have been reversed.

What is the duration of root canal treatment?

RCT can be completed within one to three (or more) visits depending upon the complexity of the case and the presence of infection at each step.

How is root canal treatment performed?

RCT is carefully performed with the help of advanced dental equipment, under the effects of local anaesthesia. These include dental X-rays, dental drills, apex locators, nickel titanium files, gutta percha, filling material and a dental crown.

The steps involved in the procedure are:

● X-ray for the purpose of confirmed diagnosis of an inflamed pulp, requiring a RCT.

● Access is gained to the pulp chamber and canals, with the help of dental drills.

● Apex or end of the canals is located with the help of apex locator, following which the canals are cleaned with nickel – titanium files, and sealed with gutta percha.

● The tooth is then filled with a filling material and dental cap, crown or bridge is placed.

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